Ready to move onto advanced stuff?  These pages are for you.

Switch and Lamp Matrix – Understanding and Fixing

Lamp Matrix
Lamp Matrix

Having problems with switches?  Switches not working?  Multiple switches going off when only one should?   Multiple lamps flashing when only one should?

That is the matrix.  Troubleshoot the switch matrix and lamp matrix.

Pinball Flipper Rebuilding – How To Fix and Replace

EOS switch

Flippers weak, sticking up or out of alignment?  Here is how to fix them.

Learn how computer controlled solid state flippers like Williams / Bally Fliptronics, Data East, Sega and Stern work.

Fixing Pinball Machine Switches – How To Adjust Them the Correct Way

Switches not working?  Or they work sometimes?  Read about the right way to adjust them.

Repair Pinball Lamp Sockets – Dim or Non-Working Bulbs?  The Surefire Fix

Solder spot

Those lamp sockets are several decades old and they just were not designed to last this long.  Here are simple to follow secrets on how to get those lamp sockets working for decades longer.

Advanced Soldering Techniques

Hakko 808

Been soldering for years?  Learn from a professional the difference between an amateur and the pros.

How about desoldering?  Learn the advanced desoldering techniques.

Make Your Own Playfield Plastics

Hurricane Playfield Plastics
Hurricane Plastics

Need to replace those plastics and cannot find a good set?  Make your own playfield plastics.

Fix Locked on Solenoids

Williams WPC Solenoid Circuit
WPC Solenoid Circuit

Have a solenoid locked on?  Here is how to troubleshoot and fix locked on solenoids in solid state games.

Set Your Pinball Game To Free Play

Many newer pinball machines have a free play setting.  But early Bally, some Williams and EM games do not.  Here is an easy way to set those games to free play