Wire Pinball Flippers For A Two Flipper Game

This article was originally posted on Steve Kulpa’s Bally Page at stevekulpa.net.  
Reproduced with permission from Steve Kulpa.  
Written by Steve Kulpa

How To Wire Flippers For A 2-Flipper Bally Game

[Editors Note:  This information applies to early Bally flippers.  These are ‘serial coils’.  This does not apply to later Bally / Williams WPC flippers that contain ‘parallel coils’.]

Just in case you need to wire up your flippers, here’s how they should be connected in a 2-flipper game. If your machine has 3 or 4 flippers, then look here for help as there is extra wiring in order to serve power to the upper flipper(s).how


Typical Ball Schematic 2-Flipper MachineDiagrams:

bally flipper wiring and photobally right flipper wiring