How To Wire Flippers for a 3- or 4-Flipper Game

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Written by Steve Kulpa

How To Wire Flippers for a 3- or 4-Flipper Game

[Editors Note:  This information applies to early Bally flippers.  These are ‘serial coils’.  This does not apply to later Bally / Williams WPC flippers that contain ‘parallel coils’.]

Just in case you need to wire up your flippers, here’s how they should be connected in a 3- or 4-flipper game for the pair of lower/upper flippers. If your game only has one set of lower/upper flippers (e.g., Paragon, Flash Gordon, etc…), then of course this info only applies to the one pair (either right or left side).

Schematic:Typical Ball Schematic 3 or 4-Flipper Machine


left flipper 3 or 4-flipper pinball machine
Bally Upper Left Flipper
photo of Bally lower left flipper
Bally Lower Left Flipper