Table of Contents

A. Caution
B. Getting Started
    1) Solid State vs. Electro-mechanical
    2) Before Turning it on!
C. Routine Maintenance
    1) Supplies Needed
    2) Pinballs
D. The Playfield
    1) Cleaning
    2) Flippers
         a) Replacing/repairing    New!
    3) Rubber Rings
    4) Playfield Switches
        a) Electro-mechanical switches
        b) Solid State Switches
E. Batteries
F. Light Bulbs
     1) Convert to LED’s   New!
G. The Backglass
H. Lubrication
I.  It Does Not Work
    a) Fuses
    b) It still does not work
        – EM help  New!
J. Advanced  New!
    a) Using a Digital Probe
    b) Replacing crimp connections
    c) Get rid of those batteries!
    d) Install Replacement Displays
    e) Guide for GPE DMD HV Repair
    f) Playfield Overlay
    g) Gottlieb Sys 80 Repair
    h) Build a Rotisserie
    i) Guide to EM Repair
        – How to read a EM schematic
    j) Install shaker on LOTR (origninal)
K. Contact Information / Feedback
L. External Links
    a) Repair Information
    b) Parts
    c) Game Information
    d) Where to play pinball.
    e) Pinball Conventions
    f) Other external links
    g) Prices of used pins

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